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Contributed by: A Gentoo user, August 25 2006
Product Platform: Linux

Thanks so much for this great product (LinCVS aka CrossVC). It has all the features I need and has a nice and modern GUI. I used gCVS before, but now I'll switch to LinCVS (CrossVC). Since today I don't have to hide before my Windows using collegues with their polished frontends!


Contributed by: Pike, December 11 2005
Product Platform: Mac OS X

Excellent. A straightforward Qt GUI on top of plain commandline CVS, without hiding the CVS internals. Saves a lot of time... finally got to clean up some old rubbish - in a mouseclick. :-)

It didn't work out of the box... in my preferences, I had to change the CVS bin path to my own CVS binary. That may be my local problem though, and fixing it was a snap.

Great feature set, Ugly interface

Contributed by: Robert Evans, November 16 2005 (found at Versiontracker)
Product Platform: Mac OS X

I've played around with this app for a while on both Linux and OS X. It has a great feature set and is over-all worth taking a look at. However, there are two things that really need work:

1. Interface is not Mac-like. Yeah, I know that this is a cross platform app and the consistency between platforms IS nice, but for OS X only users this interface is really unusual for OS X.
2. Icon needs work!!! I hate to say this, and it should have no affect on the merit of the software, but this thing has to have one of the ugliest icons I have ever seen. In a lush GUI such as OS X and even XP or KDE this thing is painful to look at.

So now that I've earned the "jerk of the day" award, I do want to reiterate that even with the pet peeves I mentioned above, this really is a worthwhile application for serious CVS users.

This is a good CVS client

Contributed by: FreeMarket, September 02 2005 (found at Versiontracker)
Product Platform: Mac OS X

This is a good CVS client. Has better support for binary uploads than MacCVS, although the interface is less mac-like.

LinCVS (CrossVC) is a much more efficient ...

Contributed by: Clytie, June 09 2005 (found at MacUpdate)
Product Platform: Mac OS X

LinCVS (CrossVC) is a much more efficient and comfortable way to manage your CVS repositories. Visualize the state of your files all at once, without having to pick through each one in the terminal.
LinCVS (CrossVC) has a lot of really useful features, and, all round, is a must-have tool. It's very easy to use. :)

It's now available in several languages, including Vietnamese.

Very nice! ...

Contributed by: Anonymous, March 02 2005 (found at MacUpdate)
Product Platform: Mac OS X

Very nice! Shows a derivation from the difficult CVSGui apps, but fast and useful. Alas, some graphical glitches, and its not pretty.
I'm moving everything to subversion, but I will definitely consider using this tool for legacy repositories.


Contributed by: tonycpsu, March 02 2005 (found at Versiontracker)
Product Platform: Mac OS X

CVS from the command line is okay, but I really like this client's add-ons like viewing the file branch history, nicely-formatted diffs, etc. If your CVS needs are anything beyond basic checkout, edit, and commit, I strongly suggest giving this a shot.

The best free CVS client for OS X

Contributed by: smuenk, March 02 2005 (found at Versiontracker)
Product Platform: Mac OS X

I've tried all other available (@versiontracker) free graphical clients and this one is the best. (Almost?) all operations can be executed from the menus and status updates, patching, etc... works fine.

Review by BrotherSoft

Contributed by: BrotherSoft Review Staff
Product Platform: Windows

LinCVS XXL (CrossVC XXL) has been reviewed by BrotherSoft and get a rating 5 out of 5.
BrotherSoft Review Staff give one product the maximum 5 out of 5 Rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on.

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